Former D.C. Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown should spend six days in jail for his “shameless” crime of lying on a loan application in order to purchase a luxury boat, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The feds just posted their strongly worded argument for Brown’s brief incarceration. Brown resigned from office and pleaded guilty to felony bank fraud and a misdemeanor campaign finance violation this summer. Brown admitted to lying on two bank loan applications, one of which was done in order to buy a boat called “Bullet Proof.”

“The defendent did not commit bank fraud to feed his family, pay a medical bill, or give money to the poor. He did this so he could own a 39-foot, 330-horsepower boat, a luxury few people can afford,” write the feds.

But the feds also note that Brown’s already suffered plenty for his sins, going from “one of the most powerful elected officials” in the city to an unemployed convicted felon. They’re asking that Brown spend six days in jail on weekends and be on “supervised release” for three years.

Brown’s attorney, Fred Cooke, hasn’t yet filed a reply and was not immediately available for comment. Brown’s sentencing is set for Nov. 12.

UPDATE: Brown is asking that he not have to serve any time behind bars, even if it is weekends only. Brown is asking for two years of supervised release and 200 hours of community service. In a filing, Cooke notes that Brown “has been shaken to his core.” And in a letter to the judge, Brown writes that he will “not stray from the path again.”

The prosecutors’ court filing:

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Cooke’s filing and Brown’s letter:

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