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I’m camped out in Petworth’s Chez Billy, where David Grosso‘s at-large campaign has set up shop for the night. The second floor is packed with Grosso-for-Council-shirted revelers glued to the big screen showing the national returns. (NBC’s call for in favor of marijuana legalization in Colorado just elicited big cheers.)

Grosso is feeling good about his chances. “We took early voting,” he says, referring to his lead over incumbent Michael Brown by a 20.7 to 18.1 percent margin in early balloting. He credits his lead with “the same thing that made a difference all along: hard work.”

“The voter turnout came with President Obama,” he says. “What we did was a better job of reaching out to voters.”

Polling and early results have shown good numbers for Grosso in the western part of the city, but he’s likely to be beaten badly east of the Anacostia. He’s not sure those numbers will hold, though. “There might be some divide,” Grosso says, “but it’s not gonna be as much as you think.”