D.C. Public Schools will be announcing at 4 p.m. a list of schools administrators are planning to close. But fortunately for those of you who don’t want to wait that long, LL has seen a copy of the embargoed list, and LL didn’t agree to the embargo or attend the briefing on it. So here’s the list, which LL ran by some D.C. Council offices to confirm:

Ward 2:

Francis Stevens Education Campus

Garrison Elementary School

Ward 4:

MacFarland Middle School

Sharpe Health School

Ward 5:

Mamie D. Lee School

CHOICE Academy at Hamilton

Marshall Elementary School

Spingarn High School

Spingarn STAY School

Ward 6:

Prospect Learning Center

Shaw Middle School @ Garnet-Patterson (Note: DCPS considers this a Ward 6 school, even though it’s physically in Ward 1.)

Ward 7:

Davis Elementary School

Kenilworth Elementary School

Ron Brown Middle School

Smothers Elementary School

Winston Elementary School

Ward 8:

Ferebee Hope Elementary School

Johnson Middle School

Malcolm X Elementary School

MC Terrell/McGogney Elementary School

Photo by Darrow Montgomery