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Marion Barry is the master of parliamentary skullduggery. [Post]

Council panel approves $11 million tax break for Howard Town Center (whose development team includes former City Administrator Robert Bobb‘s new company), even though CFO says the break isn’t needed. [WBJ]

Joe Biden shops at Ward 5’s new Costco. [Post]

Special election set for April 23. [Post]

Judge says city can’t ban posters on lampposts. [Post]

D.C. lawmakers get tough with synthetic marijuana. [Times]

LivingSocial still wants to hit benchmarks for a $32 million tax break. [WBJ]

Think there’s a war on cars in D.C.? You’re a like those crazy people who think the president wasn’t born in Hawaii. [GGW]

Barry wants to ban new apartments at St. Es [Post]

IG catches two parking scofflaws after lengthy investigation. [Examiner]

Mendo expects to lose to libertarians over residency requirements of petition circulators. [Post]

Speed limits expected to rise. [WTOP]