The Associated Press reported today that as part of an investigation into how the D.C. lottery contract was awarded, the feds have been looking into allegations of wrongdoing by Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander.

Specifically, “two staffers for Alexander asked [lottery bidder Warren Williams Jr.] for money to prove his loyalty to the councilmember, with one putting the price tag at $20,000, according to people familiar with the probe. Investigators are aware of the request and have asked about it, according to a person they have interviewed. Alexander told AP she made no such offer and that she doesn’t take the allegations seriously.”

Alexander’s office put out a statement today reaffirming that denial:

Recently, I was made aware of allegations that were made against me and two of my staffers regarding an illegal $20,000 bribe from Warren Williams, Jr. in order to secure a lottery contract. Two of my staffers were accused of soliciting money from Williams, encouraging him to prove his loyalty to me as the Ward 7 Councilmember. I want to make it clear that these allegations are totally false and have no merit.

I have never accepted any money or bribes in exchange for a legislative vote. All of my votes have been based on what I believe is best for my constituents, not what is best for me. I have served the residents of the District of Columbia with the utmost integrity, and I would never jeopardize my reputation with an outright criminal act.

I also would like to note that as of today, I, and my staff members, have not been contacted by federal investigators regarding these allegations. I will continue to work hard to represent the residents of Ward 7 and the District of Columbia.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery