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Soon to be ex-Councilmember Michael Brown just sort of announced on Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt that he’s going to run in this spring’s special election to get his job back, kinda.

“Folks have told me that my work is not done,” Brown told DePuyt, in what sure sounded like a windup to announcing a bid for office. But despite DePuyt’s repeated questioning, Brown wouldn’t give a definitive answer. He did say, though, that he’s “leaning toward” running and has an “apparatus in place” to run a citywide race.

Brown lost his at-large seat in the November election to David Grosso, a relatively unknown former Council aide who benefitted from Brown’s dysfunctional campaign. Top of the list of Brown’s troubles was the more than $110,000 that went missing from his campaign coffers. Brown puts the blame for the missing funds on his former campaign treasurer, Hakim Sutton, who has denied any wrongdoing. An investigation into the missing money has now been going for six months, and no one has been charged with any crime.

Brown did say that he’ll be rejoining the Democratic Party as soon as his term ends at the beginning of January. “I can’t wait to change my party affiliation,” Brown says.

Brown dropped the D after his name and became an independent to run in the 2008 election, allowing him to win the seat effectively set aside for non-Democrats. The independent label was always a bit a joke, considering that Brown’s late father, Ron Brown, once headed the Democratic National Committee.

Anyway, the April 23 election isn’t far away. And if Brown wants to mount a credible, well-funded, organized campaign, he’ll have to announce soon whether he’s actually running or just enjoys hinting that he is.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery