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New York Times profiles Eric Payne, the man in the middle of the lottery contract imbroglio. [NYTimes]

Payne’s adversary, Nat Gandhi, gets his own profile in the Post, albeit with no mention of the word “lottery.” [Post]

Colby King predicts the feds will force two elected officials to resign and Nat Gandhi will quit too. [Post]

U.S. Attorney Ron Machen is moving back to Silver Spring, says he has no plans to resign. [Post]

MPD says city’s speed camera program is unfair. [Times]

David Grosso to be sworn in today, rundown of new committee assignments. [Examiner]

Ron Moten says Grand Theft Auto video games make kids to violent things. [Post]

2013 starts as 2012 did, with Vince Gray under federal investigation. [Examiner]

Police Chief Cathy Lanier closes 15 bars in 2012. [Post]

Barack Obama could be a better friend to the District. [Examiner]

Barbara Lett Simmons, former school board members, dies. [Post]

D.C. homicide rate lowest its been since 1963. [Homicide Watch]

DCPS parents putting together pitches to prevent their schools from closing. [Post]

“A former D.C. police officer who was twice fired after being observed in the company of a transvestite prostitute has been reinstated.” [Examiner]