D.C. government and schools closed today.

Jeff Thompson loses appeal, feds can now start diving into his records. [Post]

D.C. ambulance not available for injured D.C. cop. [Examiner]

Two years ago today, Sulaimon Brown kicked off federal probe. [NBC4]

Vincent Orange wants to spend city cash on shadow legislators and lobbying Congress. [DCist]

Che Brown sentenced to three months in prison. [Post]

David Grosso, open data fan. [DCist]

Surprise. The company the city wants to buy Thompson’s Chartered Health Plan is one of the recommended winners of Medicaid contract. [WBJ]

CYITC still trying to reinvent itself after Harry Thomas Jr. debacle. [Post]

Yesterday’s legislative meeting grab bag. [Post]

Ten acres? Does the Gray administration really want to keep the FBI? [HC]