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The next set of D.C. campaign finance reports are due in two days, and it looks like former Councilmember Michael Brown could be reporting a tidy haul.

Brown doesn’t have a figure of how much he’s raised immediately available, but he’s been on a fundraising tear this last week.

Brown says he was in Los Angeles on Monday for a fundraiser whose invitations listed Lakers great Magic Johnson as a special guest. Johnson wasn’t able to attend the event but will be making a donation to the campaign, Brown says.

Brown says his father, former Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, was a mentor to Johnson (“in business, not basketball”).

Brown said he took a redeye back from L.A. Monday for a Tuesday fundraiser with federal government types on Capitol Hill. And last night, lobbyist David Wilmot‘s house was packed with deep pocketed power players in local government for yet another Brown fundraiser.

“The line at the check table was long,” Brown says.

Brown says he’s also raising money from Latino, LGBT, and labor sources. He says donors have been more eager to give since he qualified for the ballot and the Office of Campaign Finance cleared him of any wrongdoing during last year’s race, in which Brown accused his campaign treasurer of stealing more than $100,000.

He raised only $9,500 in the first reporting period and spent $8,425 of it.

Photo by Steve Lipofsky/Basketballphoto.com via Wikimedia Commons