Councilmember Anita Bonds‘ campaign sent out a breathless email to supporters today asking them to volunteer for the campaign in order to ward off catastrophe.

“According to the press, for the first time in years a Republican has a real shot of winning a seat on the D.C. Council. If we do not win this race, the consequences could be disastrous for the residents of the District,” the email starts.

It goes to point out how Republican candidate Pat Mara (who came close to winning an at-large seat two years ago) was a Mitt Romney supporter and received a donation from a far-right PAC (which Mara returned after another at-large candidate, Elissa Silverman, called for him to give it back). The subject of the email: “Mitt Romney on the D.C. Council.”

“With your help, we will keep D.C. blue on April 23,” the email ends.

Yeah, D.C. is going to stay blue no matter who wins the at-large race. By the city’s most recent count, Democrats make up 75 percent of the District’s registered voters, while Republicans make up 6 percent. The D.C. Council has 11 registered Democrats, one guy who switched from being a Democrat to an independent just so he could win a council seat and an independent former Republican who is far to the left on most social issues.

But those numbers also explain why Bonds’ campaign would be eager to remind everyone that Mara is, indeed, a Republican. It’s something his opponents have been pointing out for some time; there’s even a website devoted to the cause.

As for Mara, he says “voters from all parties and independents have supported me in the past. They have heard these kind of attacks. They were meaningless then and are meaningless now.”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery