A few weeks ago, some of the city’s biggest local lobbyists threw a fundraiser for D.C. Council candidate Michael Brown, a sign that some of the District’s power brokers were getting behind Brown’s bid to rejoin the Council.

But not all of the deep-pocketed power players in D.C. are getting behind Brown (whose fundraiser didn’t wind up raising that much money). Next Wednesday, Councilmember Anita Bonds is set to have a fundraiser from a different set of local influence-peddlers. Among those hosting the fundraiser breakfast are Joe Mamo, the king of the city’s gas stations; former Councilmember John Ray, who is one of the city’s top-billing lobbyistsJerry Schaeffer, a taxi magnate who has outsized influence in the city’s cab industry; and Kerry Pearson, a lobbyist who helped Fort Myer Construction (where Bonds works) keep its place atop the city’s road-paving industry.

The invite to the fundraiser, after the jump:

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Photo by Darrow Montgomery