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Another week, another visit to federal court for a straw donor tied to Jeffrey Thompson. Just four days after former Thompson employee Lee A. Calhoun pleaded guilty to making $160,000 in illicit contributions, Pennsylvania businessman Stanley Straughter admitted his own role as a conduit for more than $130,000 in court today.

Straughter, who worked as a contractor for Thompson’s accounting firm, started making the straw donations in January 2006 at the direction of an unnamed Executive A whose description closely matches Thompson’s. By the time Straughter stopped in February 2012, he had made $49,000 in donations to District campaigns, $58,600 to federal ones, and $25,000 to local and state candidates outside of the District. After making the donations, Straughter was reimbursed with money from the accounting firm, court documents say.

[documentcloud url=”https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/717100-stanley-straughter-statement-of-offense.html”]

Photo courtesy Charles Parsons