Despite voting on the Large Retail Accountability Act nearly a week ago, the D.C. Council still hasn’t sent the legislation—-otherwise known as the Walmart bill—-to Mayor Vince Gray. When he does get it, though, expect Walmart to release a new poll showing that D.C. residents want the chain.

Steven Restivo, a spokesman for the retailer, tells LL that Walmart has commissioned a phone poll of D.C. residents. “We thought it made sense to see what residents think about the future of economic development in the city, since that issue is at the core of the LRAA debate,” Restivo writes in an email.

So, what’s on the poll? Restivo hasn’t gotten back to LL with the questions, but one woman who says she was called for the poll paraphrased it as asking whether she would like “increased opportunities to save money shopping for things like clothing and groceries while at the time providing thousands of new jobs.”

Who could say no to that? Walmart watchers will remember that company is fond of releasing polls about its own popularity. In 2010, as it got ready to enter the District, the retailer released a poll showing 73 percent of residents wanted Walmart in the city.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery