Members of the Washington Teachers’ Union voted July 1 to give their previous slate of officers the boot. But Nathan Saunders, the union’s defeated president, is trying to hold on to his job.

Saunders’ slate has filed an appeal to set aside the election’s results. His complaints alleges a host of misdeeds by president-elect Elizabeth Davis‘ slate, claiming that it won with help from DCPS principals and retired teachers who should have been ineligible to vote.

Davis hasn’t responded to LL’s request for comment. Neither has Candi Peterson, the outspoken blogger who won the union’s election for general vice president. In a post yesterday, though, she demanded that Saunders “gracefully accept exile” from his post.

“Saunders defiance of the process so far creates an unnecessary power struggle and makes a transition nearly impossible,” Peterson writes.

Saunders expects a decision on his appeal by Aug. 1, when the Davis and Peterson are scheduled to take office. Until then, he’s the boss.

“It’s not August 1 yet, you know,” says Saunders. “And I’m still running the union.”

Saunders’ appeal:

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