The Office of Campaign Finance is looking into whether mayoral hopeful Jack Evans‘ constituent service fund took illicitly bundled donations.

What’s being described by OCF spokesman Wesley Williams as a “preliminary investigation” was revealed at today’s D.C. Board of Elections meeting. “The allegation involves receipt of contributions from three entities that appear to be affiliated with the same primary ownership,” OCF general counsel William SanFord told the board.

Constituent service fund donations are capped at $500 per individual. While the funds’ name makes it sound like they’re for covering funeral costs and heating bills for the indigent, they’re also spent on less laudable purposes. In Evans’ case, some of his fund is regularly spent on tickets to Nationals and Capitals games (Evans says most of the tickets are given away).

Evans tells LL he hasn’t been contacted yet by OCF, but has some idea what the investigation could be about.

“My understanding from what I am being told is that it involves a minor matter involving whether or not we got a duplicate donation,” Evans says. If his constituent service fund did take an inappropriate donation, Evans says he’ll return it.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery