Councilmember Vincent Orange is sweating—-and not just because of the FBI. Orange has dropped 45 pounds thanks to a two-year regimen of diet and exercise, and hit his goal weight of 200 pounds this summer.

“There’s no secret,” Orange says of his regimen. “It’s nothing I invented.”

Orange’s morning routine includes 150 jumping jacks, 50 sit-ups, 50 push-ups, stretching, and some weight-lifting in his home gym in Brookland. Orange eats cereal for breakfast and salad for lunch. (Dinner, on the other hand, is always a “decent” meal, he says.)

Some people made fun of his slow weight loss in the beginning, Orange says. To speed things up, Orange gave up alcohol for six months. The councilmember has since abandoned teetotalism.

New suits and an improved golf game later, the at-large councilmember is just waiting for some abs. “I’m trying to get ripples in my stomach,” Orange says.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery