Would-be mayor Tommy Wells can’t catch a break on the living wage bill. Four other members of the D.C. Council voted with him against the Large Retailer Accountability Bill, but labor groups can’t resist pressuring him specifically. Now, judging by the above poster LL spotted in Eastern Market over the weekend, activists affiliated with neighborhood gadfly Ralph Nader are joining the pile-on.

The poster, which describes Wells as “the ONE VOTE NEEDED” for Tuesday’s veto override attempt, asks whether Wells will “back up his rhetoric with his vote.” The URL listed—-whosesideistommyon.org—-redirects to the labor coalition Jobs With Justice’s page about Wells.

But Jobs With Justice says they aren’t behind the posters. Instead, the whosesideistommyon.org URL is registered to Essential Information, one of the myriad groups associated with Nader.

Pete Davis, an employee at Nader’s Center for Study of Responsive Law, tells LL that the posters aren’t sponsored by a Nader organization. Instead, he claims that they were put up by activists from several groups. “No official entity is putting them up,” Davis says.

Wells, who has his own living wage bill, remains unswayed. But Tuesday’s vote might not be the end of the Nader street campaign—-the flyer promises an “updated swarm of posters!” in weeks to come.

Photo by Will Sommer