Former boxing gym operator Keely Thompson implicated an unnamed male member of the D.C. Council in a $50,000 bribery scheme today in federal court.

Thompson, who’s being sentenced today for stealing $200,000 in grant money meant to fund boxing activities for at-risk youth, says the councilmember gave him the idea to start the gym in 2004. In exchange for the councilmember’s help steering grant money to the gym, Thompson’s lawyer Troy Poole says Thompson gave the official $50,000 in cash bribes. The councilmember’s chief of staff, also unnamed, was also mentioned. Thompson didn’t say whether the councilmember was still in office.

It’s not clear whether prosecutors could make a case against the councilmember, whoever he is. Thompson says he showed the FBI where he made the cash payments, but his attorney says the payments themselves could never be corroborated. Thompson also did not wear a wire in the investigation, though he says he offered to do so. The government has declined to offer Thompson a break on his sentence for “substantial assistance,” saying Thompson did not help them enough.

Boxing photo by Shutterstock