Ward 1 candidate Brianne Nadeau
Ward 1 candidate Brianne Nadeau

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The mayoral candidates weren’t the only ones who had to report their campaign finances last week. Read on for the reports, and a not-so-surprising appearance from shadow Senate candidate Pete Ross‘ bank account.

Ward 1

Brianne Nadeau
Raised: $12,966. Spent: $4,819.33. Cash on hand: $54,875.86.

Nadeau outraised Bryan Weaver, her nearest Ward 1 competition, by about $4,000. Among Nadeau’s donors: former Ward 6 Councilmember Sharon Ambrose ($100), Duffy’s Irish Pub ($100), Adams Morgan cafe Tryst ($100), and At-Large Council candidate-turned-Muriel Bowser stalwart Josh Lopez ($35).

Bryan Weaver
Raised: $8,511. Spent: $3,100.63. Cash on hand: $28,792.61.

Weaver’s campaign report reveals a question that : how much did the condoms he was handing out at Adams Morgan Day cost? The answer, according to his filings, is a surprisingly frugal $216.73, paid to New York-based novelty condom maker Say It With A Condom. Weaver’s donors include Clinton campaign and War Room star Paul Begala ($100), activist about town Marie Drissel ($50), and Tommy Wells‘ wife Barbara Wells ($100).

Beverley Wheeler

Raised: $4,480. Spent: $3,500.01. Cash on hand: $979.99.

Wheeler, a former Phil Mendelson staffer and the newest Ward 1 candidate, donated $705 to her campaign this period.

Ward 3

Mary Cheh

Raised: $6,975. Spent: $4,821.69. Cash on hand: $33,845.38.

Absent any challenger so far, Cheh’s campaign chugs along, including $1,425 in donations from the law professor’s coworkers at George Washington University.

Ward 6

Darrel Thompson

Raised: $14,399.99. Spent: $8,711.90. Cash on hand: $49,210.20.

Thompson’s background as a Senate staffer helped him garner thousands from people with “government relations” in their job titles, including NFL lobbyist Kenneth Edmonds ($500) and Disney lobbyist Richard Bates ($250). Thompson got a more Wilson Building-themed assist from Anita Bonds spokesman David Meadows ($50). Thompson’s campaign launch at Barracks Row’s Cava Mezze cost him $3,045.77.

N.B.: Since Thompson opponent Charles Allen registered his candidacy on Oct. 11, he didn’t have to report for the Oct. 10 filing deadline.


Anita Bonds

Raised: $1,400. Spent: $0. Cash on hand: $1,400.

Freshman councilmember Anita Bonds won her seat in April’s special election, but she’ll have to defend it all over again in next year’s Democratic primary. Bonds’ reelection campaign is off to a slow start, receiving just $400 from the candidate and $1,000 from Washington Gas’ corporate PAC.

Robert White

Raised: $17,656.86. Spent: $3,760.06. Cash on hand: $13,866.80.

White, a former staffer for Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, started his independent At-Large campaign with $4,372.86 in donations from himself. He also got some help from another ex-Nortonite, Aaron Pritchard, David Grosso‘s chief of staff ($250).

Shadow Senator

Pete Ross 

Raised: $25,029.89. Spent: $21,648.34. Cash on hand: $3,780.66.

Acrylic furniture magnate Ross sunk $202,000 into his unsuccessful 2012 campaign for the unpaid shadow senator spot, and he’s keeping his checkbook just as open this time around. Ross gave $25,000 to his campaign this reporting period, accounting for every donation it received (the extra $29.89 comes from a bank refund).

Ross’ expenses include $15,000 for staffers’ salaries and a $4,500 payment to Capitol Inquiry, the private eye firm run by original LL Ken Cummins.


Calvin Gurley

Raised: $650. Spent: $550. Cash on hand: $100.

Perennial candidate Gurley won a surprising 27 percent of the vote in his unsuccessful 2012 chairman bid against Mendelson, but those votes haven’t translated into dollars this time around. Gurley’s campaign took in $650, all from the candidate himself.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery