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Backers of a marijuana bill pulled their proposed referendum from the Board of Elections last month. Now they’re giving it another shot, and they’re asking for the public’s help.

DCMJ, an umbrella group of marijuana legalization supporters, is taking suggestions for the initiative on its website. They’re aiming to resubmit the initiative to the Board of Elections by February for the November 2014 election, potentially with language suggested from outside. “I don’t think it’s right to just say my way or the highway,” says DCMJ organizer Adam Eidinger.

Because referendums in the District can’t impose new taxes, Eidinger’s proposal doesn’t address how legal pot sales would work. Instead, the language focuses on legalizing small-home marijuana operations—-what Eidinger calls “artisan growers.”

Getting involved with the initiative has other benefits, too. After a meeting this morning, Eidinger invited reporters to join him for some post-breakfast blazing. LL declined.

Cannabis photo via Shutterstock