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With the government shutdown over, the District has replenished the $144 million rainy day that kept the local government running while the feds were closed. One thing D.C. won’t be able to make up for, though, is lost revenue from the shutdown.

“There is a significant impact for the city that we will never see again,” Mayor Vince Gray says.

The D.C. region lost $400 million in economic activity every week of the shutdown, according to Deputy Mayor Victor Hoskins, with the District losing $6 million in potential tax revenue for each week.

The District also won’t be making back another, albeit much smaller, sum. Gray says he won’t ask the federal government to reimburse the District for cleaning up trash in federal parks, which could cost between $50,000 and $100,000.

“I’d rather be in the position to say that we were able to keep the city operating on the District’s side as well as the federal side,” Gray says.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery