YouTube video

At last, via the libertarians at Reasonthe intermittent regulatory fight over luxury sedan service Uber has been immortalized in a short documentary. In case your tolerance for local politics filtered through Milton Friedman isn’t as high as LL’s, the highlights are below:

0:07:  Jim Graham opens Uber Wars by giving Uber CEO Travis Kalanick the bureaucratic equivalent of this famous scene from The O.C., warning him that what flies in L.A. won’t in the District.

2:30: Director Rob Montz describes Taxicab Commission boss and Uber sting decoy  Ron Linton as avuncular: “I feel like he would tell scary stories at the last campfire of Boy Scout camp.”

3:20: Despite only appearing for a few seconds, Ward 6 Councilmartyr Saint Tommy Wells manages to fit in the circumstances of his martyrdom at the hands of ex-chairman Kwame Brown

6:40: In what may be the first-ever mash-up of Channel 13 footage and chopped ‘n’ screwed beats, a heavy bass cuts in as Marion Barry says he’s a friend of the taxi industry.

8:25: An open market think tank type says that, after finally getting access to the D.C. Council, Uber used regulations against competitors like Sidecar: “They sort of stepped behind this regulatory velvet rope and pulled it closed behind them.”

10:00: Uber Wars closes out with footage from a Council hearing of a woman claiming Uber cars could be used for terrorism.