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Muriel Bowser has been running for mayor since March. Until recently, though, her campaign has been housed in digs more appropriate for a middle school Dungeons and Dragons game—-Bowser, according to campaign manager Bo Shuff, has “a great basement.”

All that’s over. On Saturday, the campaign got some more appropriate space with a new headquarters at 4300 Georgia Ave. NW.

In a speech to an at-capacity crowd at the office opening, Bowser touted her record. “You know what they say about me at the Council?” Bowser said after an introduction from  ex-Councilmember and campaign chairman Bill Lightfoot. “I’m prepared, I’m ready, I pass good laws.”

LL’s not sure what Bowser is paying in rent, but campaign filings show her 2012 Ward 4 re-election campaign paying $1,200 a month for the same office. Jack Evans, by comparison, is shelling out around $6,532 (not counting utilities) for his 14th Street headquarters.

Speaking of Evans and his office, his campaign welcomed Bowser’s new HQ with a Saturday morning press release touting their outreach numbers “while other candidates just begin to open campaign offices.” Bowser wouldn’t comment about the release (too bad!), but Shuff wasn’t as reluctant to put down Evans’ numbers.

“I don’t think a sign on every light pole is that convincing,” he says, a nod to Evans’ prolific light-pole campaign.

As for mayor and maybe-candidate Vince Gray, Bowser wants to capitalize on what she sees as dissatisfaction with Gray in wards 7 and 8 if he runs again. “I don’t care who gets in the race,” she says.

Correction: Despite LL’s earlier assertion that only Evans and Bowser have headquarters, Tommy Wells also has one on Pennsylvania Ave.

Photo by Will Sommer