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If Vincent Orange has gotten you in the mood for a Wilson Building Halloween but you’re crashing on a costume, LL has you covered:

Pigskins Mug Stuffed With Cash

What you’ll need: A Pigskins shirt with Monopoly money tucked inside.

What you’ll be: The holy grail for certain D.C. pols. Just make sure it’s all on tape.

Sexy Robert Bobb

What you’ll need: Suit, suspenders, muscle milk.

What you’ll be: A genuinely spooky prospect for the mayoral candidates—you’re the former city administrator turned potential mayoral spoiler. For added verisimilitude, be indecisive about your candy choices all night.

Wilson Building Side Door

What you’ll need: A door?

What you’ll be:  When putting together this list, LL reflected on H.P. Lovecraft‘s advice that “the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” What’s more unknown than something whose very existence has become a matter of Council debate? Bonus: you’re guaranteed to get on TV.

Executive A

What you’ll need: Mask, money orders.

What you’ll be: The mysterious accounting and Medicaid firm boss known only as “Executive A” (a man whose description closely matches his is pictured above) stalks the city’s court filings, but who could he be? On Halloween, maybe you.

Photo courtesy Charles Parsons, graphic by Will Sommer