The District’s mayoral candidates like to talk about improving the city for the District’s children, but how much do they really care about kids? Last night, LL put them to the test.

With help from costumed WCP staffer writer Perry Stein, LL checked out  how much candy the candidates were giving out for Halloween. Would they opt for full-sized Snickers or apples and dental floss? It was the perfect plan—-or it would have been, if the candidates had been giving out candy.

Sadly, the pressure of campaigning appears to have taken its toll on their Halloween spirit. Neither Muriel Bowser nor Tommy Wells answered their doors. Ditto potential candidates Andy Shallal and Robert Bobb. LL shudders to report this, but none of them even left out a bowl. (LL didn’t make it to Reta Lewis‘ home.)

Mayor Vince Gray, meanwhile, was busy making appearances in Georgetown and with the D.C. Republicans. A security guard at his house told Stein the mayor wasn’t around and didn’t even offer her a Jolly Rancher for her trouble.

Jack Evansmay have come in second in cash reserves in the latest campaign reports, but he’s first when it comes to candy. The Ward 2 councilmember’s home had Halloween decorations up, and his family let Stein rummage through a bowl full of candy—-a nice touch, LL thinks.