At-Large Councilmember Anita Bonds just got her first opponent for 2014. Shadow representative Nate Bennett-Fleming says he’s going to run for her seat, and he’s already not pulling punches.

“I don’t think she’s built a significant record of accomplishment,” Bennett-Fleming says of his opponent.

In contrast, Bennett-Fleming says, consider his work as the District’s unpaid shadow rep. Bennett-Fleming’s amassed a small army of interns and scored pro-statehood endorsement from Democratic groups on the Hill—-how significant that is depends on who you ask.

Bennett-Fleming, a 29-year-old adjunct professor at the University of the District of Columbia, says he’d focus on affordable housing and government reform as a councilmember. He’s in favor of marijuana decriminalization, with an eye towards considering legalization.

LL asked Bennett-Fleming about a couple more issues, which he deftly worked into jabs at the incumbent. Take the Large Retailer Accountability Act. Bonds backed it before voting against it during an attempt to override Vince Gray‘s veto, a move Bennett-Fleming says suggests “a degree of wishy-washiness.” Bonds didn’t immediately respond to LL’s request for comment.

Bennett-Fleming is just as unhappy about Bonds’ vote to delay the attorney general election scheduled for next year. “I think the disregard for the will of the citizens is disconcerting,” he says.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery