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Vince Gray signs bill creating driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. [WAMUPostTimes]

Post ed board: Gray’s canning of insurance head is “chilling” for District employees. [Post]

Big-spending Housing Finance head put on leave. [WBJ, LL]

Labor group wants a minimum wage ballot initiative. [LL]

Gray officiating at gay wedding this afternoon. [Schedule]

ANC changes its mind on Glover Park traffic. [WAMU]

Height limit compromise appears close. [Housing Complex]

Police release firearms guidelines…two years late. [Times]

Wallet saves man from bullet. [NBC 4]

Court reopens American University campus plan fight. [WBJ]

D.C. not quite as gay as advertised. [Post]

Michael Brown gets a presentencing vacation. [LL]

Maybe if the District does worse economically, the rest of the country will like us more. [Housing Complex]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery