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When he ran a longshot campaign for mayor in 2010, White House party crasher Carlos Allen won less than 2 percent of votes cast. Four years later, Allen’s back and running again, now with the rap alias Mayor Allen.

Running a hopeless campaign for mayor seems like a decent way to get attention for a rap career. Allen’s certainly got the ads for it—-look for his face, draped in a Louis Vuitton cloth, on a Metrobus near you! But Allen, 43, insists that he’s a legitimate candidate.

Even his music is about improving the District. “The music that I’m putting out now is more or less to speak to the children,” Allen says.

About that. While Allen’s District anthem “DC My City” probably wouldn’t raise eyebrows with responsible parents (sample lyric: “Folks are working down the street/Smiling, not fighting”), LL’s not so sure about the rest of his songs, the recurring theme in many of which is how much oral sex Allen gets. Even Allen’s ode to the District’s diversity in the video above (“A mixed girl looking all exotic, 10-40/a multicultural city is the way that we roll”) seems a little un-mayoral.

As for whether making his rap name “Mayor Allen” is presumptuous, Allen claims that it’s more of a visualization exercise.

“By saying that I’m Mayor Allen now, to me it’s like saying ‘Hey, you know what, you never know,” he says.