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Vince Gray, hipster mayor

The District is at all-time peak hipness. We’ve got artisanal ice and our own brand of house music. The District’s so hip, we’re over ramen. But like some crazed, sleeve-tattooed Captain Ahab, Mayor Vince Gray isn’t satisfied. 

At an Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting in Georgetown last night, Gray touted the city’s second-place ranking on Forbes‘ 2012 list of coolest cities. His staff passed out a flyer that included the ranking, illustrated with a tiny handlebar mustache, on a list of the District’s accomplishments.

Still, Gray isn’t satisfied. He’s set his sights on the top dog: uh, Houston.

“They’re going to be number two before too long,” Gray told the audience at the ANC meeting, maybe not the best crowd to enlist in his campaign to re-hip D.C. “We’re going to be the hippest city in the United States!”

OK, a couple things. LL’s a proud son of Houston himself, but, despite its “city of syrup” reputation, he has to suspect any list that puts it as the hippest city in America. And Gray might have to convince Forbes to play along with his scheme: According to its website, the magazine hasn’t produced the coolest list at all this year.

Photo courtesy Andrew Lightman/Hill Rag