Rev. Graylan Hagler leads living wage bill supporters in a prayer.

“Little bitty cracker corporation from Arkansas”Rev. Graylan Hagler, Aug. 27.

By late August, supporters of the Large Retailer Accountability Act were getting desperate. Vince Gray already appeared to be leaning toward vetoing the bill mandating a $12.50 hourly wage at certain big boxes stores (read: Walmart). More surprisingly, no councilmembers who initially opposed the bill looked ready to support it to override Gray’s veto.

With those long odds as the backdrop, LRAA supporter Rev. Graylan Hagler rallied backers of the bill in a Ward 7 church. Why, Hagler wanted to know, was Gray letting a “little bitty cracker corporation” push the District around?

It didn’t do much for his cause,  but it did get him on the Drudge Report.

Photo by Will Sommer