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“Do you have the piece of the piece?”former At-Large Councilmember Michael Brown, Nov. 17 and Nov. 19, 2012.

LL hasn’t been ranking the top quotes of 2013, but let’s be real. Michael Brown won the year. Not in the sense of actually winning, of course, since Brown, who started the year with a frontrunner election campaign and ended it by asking a judge for permission to go on vacation with his family, lost it about as badly as anyone could. But in terms of contributing to crime slang in the District, Brown has no equal.

Picking which one of Brown’s “piece of the piece” requests to crown was difficult, since Brown’s statement of offense is littered with his euphemism for a bribe. LL’s opted for the time Brown, looking for another pay-off, texted  an undercover federal agent on Nov. 17, then followed up again on Nov. 19 with two more identical text messages.

Congrats, Michael Brown, you had the LL quote of 2013. It’s your final piece of the piece.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery