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Will this be the first mayoral race in recent memory without an iconic campaign song? The Tommy Wells go-go song is all right, but it’s hardly “Orange the Democrat.” More worryingly, “Don’t Leave Us Fenty” mastermind Ron Moten tells LL he’s not working on a song about any of the candidates.

Instead, we get this number, trumpeted in an email to LL as a Vince Gray “diss” song. It’s by Marion Barry foe Larry Pretlow, who’s apparently just as unhappy with the current mayor. The Gray bashing, described on Pretlow’s Soundcloud page as “VINCE GRAY wuddup!”—-starts at 1:50.

Even Vince Gray down witcha But I bet you vote em back Now tell me how ignorant is that How we let a fucked up system overtake our great city like that?

It’s no “Oh You Fenty, Huh?”, but for now, it’ll have to do.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery