Vince Gray kicks off his new campaign, apologizes for the last one. [LLWashingtonianPost]

Read Gray’s speech. [LLPost]

Business community heavies meet for Gray, plan to raise $1 million in three weeks. [Post]

Fringe candidate Christian Carter crashes mayoral debate. [LL]

It’s Vincent Orange party time. [LL]

Gray campaign tussles with reporter Tom Sherwood. [LL]

Tommy Wells wants affordable housing in D.C. United deal. [Housing ComplexPost]

Darrell Issa ambivalent on bill that would lift the 30-day congressional review period. [Post]

D.C. not so hot of a moving destination anymore. [WBJ]

Chicago Bulls fan tied to carjacking. [WTOP]

District sells morgue photos to grieving relatives. [Post]

Best of luck to departing WBJ reporter Ben Fischer. [WBJ]

Architects love Metro architects. [Housing Complex]

Fatal shooting Sunday. [CBS]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery