Christian Carter
Christian Carter

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Rogue staffers with Twitter passwords: when will they stop terrorizing District pols? Marion Barry has blamed intemperate tweets on them more than once, and now former mayoral candidate Christian Carter say he’s fallen victim to the same.

Carter provided the first of many surprises at the Jan. 19 Ward 8 straw poll, announcing in his opening remarks that he was leaving the race ahead of two petition challenges. But he appeared to have second thoughts late last Friday, with Carter (or someone with access to his Twitter account) promising that he would re-enter the race.

“I realize I must make the ultimate sacrifice for what I believe in,” Carter’s account tweeted, awfully gravely for what would amount to restarting a campaign that had almost no chance of success in the first place.

More tweets, now deleted, included slams on Vince Graystiffed Carter subcontractor Susie Cambria, and various reporters, all for engaging in a conspiracy to put down the mayoral hopeful.

Luckily for future debate moderators, though, Carter says he isn’t getting back into the race after all. Carter claims that the tweets were sent out by someone on his “Twitter team.” In his telling, he did some collective punishment and gave them all the boot.

“No one stepped up and admitted they sent the tweets out,” Carter emails LL. “But I have taken control of my twitter.”

True to his word, Carter withdrew from the Democratic primary today, according to Board of Election spokeswoman Tamara Robinson

But there’s good news for Carter dead-enders. As Robinson points out, he could still run in the general election.

Photo courtesy Christian Carter