YouTube video

LL knows of no better way to start the week than with new campaign videos of varying levels of production quality. Fortunately, At-Large D.C. Council hopeful Nate Bennett-Fleming and Mayor Vince Gray—-and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, sort of—-have obliged.

Bennett-Fleming’s campaign has the more novel approach, with the District’s  shadow rep accosted on the street by various would-be constituents. Will Bennett-Fleming help out with their pet issue? Sure. Then he keeps walking, while his supporters, oddly, continue to stare straight ahead.

Check out the start of the video, where Bennett-Fleming describes himself as the “United States Representative for D.C.” That’s certainly one way to dress up an unpaid position not recognized outside the District government.

Gray’s new video, meanwhile, heavier on the stock photos and lighter on the chest bumps than his last effort. While Gray hasn’t landed the Duncan endorsement so sought after by former rival Adrian Fenty, he has the next best thing in the video, with footage of Duncan saying Gray’s administration “knocked the ball out of the park” on education.