When the Entourage gang reunites for their movie, will District Shadow Senator Paul Strauss play the role of well-meaning but naive ingenue Vinnie Chase? Probably not, but Strauss got the next best thing last night: palling around with Entourage star Jeremy Piven in L.A. to support D.C. statehood.

Via surprising press release comes the news that Strauss and the Creative Coalition hosted an event Thursday with “Hollywood thought-leaders” in support of District statehood. Among the other Hollywood types anticipated to talk statehood with Strauss:

  • Omar Epps
  • Richard Schiff (“Toby” from The West Wing)
  • Kate Walsh (of Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Private Practice fame).

If Strauss is successful, the stars could join the ranks of other celebs who support statehood, which so far is limited to Nashville actress Hayden Panettiere. LL hopes all involved can hug it out.

Strauss photo by Darrow Montgomery. Graphic by Will Sommer.