Zero Worship: Tommy Wells? no vote on arena upgrade freezes him out of the ball game. Credit: Photograph by Darrow Montgomery

Tommy Wells grills fire officials over Medric Mills death at hearing. [NBC 4, Post, WTOP]

Pot legalization referendum will fight for a spot on the ballot this morning at the Board of Elections. [WAMU]

Judge: housing homeless families in rec centers breaks privacy rules. [Post]

Vincent Orange wins support from grocery workers’ union. [LLPost]

Orange and his prolific candidacies get the Post profile treatment. [Post]

Orange practices his speeches on a podium in his office, explains how having orange-colored things became a way of life. [Post]

Heir to gay rights activist Frank Kameny now says Kameny’s ashes will be interred at an undisclosed location. [Blade]

Don Graham goes in big for DCPS chancellor Kaya Henderson, calls David Catania “a bully.” [Post]

Could China help win voting rights for the District? [LL]

Post letter writer amused by half-hearted Bowser endorsement. [Post]

D.C. Council education committee takes up missing D.C. TAG scholarship funds. [Post]

Ward 8 activists have a long list of wants from a developer. [WBJ]

Andy Shallal wins over Times‘ Deborah Simmons. [Times]

Wells says a former Federal City Council official pressured him over a charter school. [Post]

Plan out your early voting. [NBC 4]

Silver Line delayed again. [WAMU]

Will the Metro delay make the streetcar the first much-delayed transit project to finish? [Housing Complex]

Reddit users try to explain District politics to a new resident. [Reddit]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery