Despite uniting the workers of the world last month with a string of labor endorsements, Vince Gray‘s mayoral re-election campaign apparently hasn’t scared off the District’s robber barons. The D.C. Chamber of Commerce PAC endorsed Gray today, guaranteeing that some more business money will head in the incumbent’s direction.

In a press release, the PAC touted Gray’s economic record, including the mayor’s One City One Hire initiative, the construction of the O Street Giant in Shaw, and downtown’s CityCenterDC. The chamber also endorsed Gray in 2010.

In a release, PAC chairman David Julyan calls Gray “a strong leader for business development.” (That’s the same David Julyan, incidentally, who received emails in 2010 that appeared to suggest coordination between Gray’s campaign and another PAC).The chamber’s PAC endorsement could mean more ads for the Gray campaign. In the 2010 race, the PAC reported spending a combined $12,832 on advertising for Gray and former D.C. Council chairman Kwame Brown, along with a maximum $2,000  donation to Gray’s campaign.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery