With less than a month before the Democratic primary, Muriel Bowser‘s mayoral campaign has taken to the air, hanging banners from the sides of buildings around the District. The banners are big, they’re green—-and, until recently, they’ve been in violation of District election law.

That’s because the banners lack the Office of Campaign Finance–mandated language about who paid for them. While Bowser’s campaign included Bowser slogan “DC Proud” in their order, they didn’t remember to include required information like the name of Bowser’s campaign committee, her campaign treasurer, or information about the committee filing reports with OCF. Without the language, it’s not clear who paid to put Bowser on buildings across the city.

Rather than reprinting the banners (which looked pricey to LL), Bowser’s campaign will be attaching the boilerplate to the existing sign, possibly with stickers. That’s good enough for OCF, according to agency spokesman Wesley Williams.

“It was an oversight,” says Bowser campaign manager Bo Shuff.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery