Jeff Thompson
Jeff Thompson

Vince Gray ripped into Jeff Thompson last night in his State of the Address address, calling the man who helped get him elected a “greedy man” who’s lying about the mayor to save his own skin. Who do you believe, Gray asked the crowd—-this dirtbag, or me?

But Gray didn’t always think the man he once called “Uncle Earl” was such an unreliable judge of character. In a December 2009 D.C. Council nomination hearing, Gray was “delighted” to listen to Thompson give his opinion on someone.

This hearing was unearthed last year, but LL thinks it’s worth revisiting after Gray’s slams on his former benefactor last night. In the hearing (jump 13 minutes ahead in the video), Thompson shows up to speak in support of University of the District of Columbia board nominee Elaine Crider.

“We’re delighted to have Mr. Thompson here this afternoon,” says Gray, then the chairman of the D.C. Council. “Welcome, Mr. Thompson. We’d be delighted to hear your testimony.”

After Thompson’s testimony, Gray calls him and another witness “outstanding civic leaders.” Gray adds that Thompson taking time out of his day to testify on Crider’s behalf would certainly help her nomination along. Gray may not be impressed with Thompson’s honesty in 2014, but he sure was five years ago.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery