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The only thing more trustworthy than Jeff Thompson in today’s Kojo Nnamdi Show/Washington City Paper poll? The Mayoral Power Rankings.

1. Muriel Bowser

What: After lagging behind Gray in earlier public polls, Bowser is now tied with him in a new one from City Paper and The Kojo Nnamdi Show with 27 percent each. She sent out this ostensibly hip mailer, and WUSA9 wants to know whether she’ll do its debate next week.

Why: LL is as tired as you of seeing Bowser top the Power Rankings every week, but here she is. She’s gobbling up rivals’ votes while Gray’s stuck below 30 percent, and she has a large bank account for the final stretch.

Power Rankings Momentum: Surprisingly resilient.

2. Vince Gray

What: Looming indictment or not, Gray is hanging onto slightly more than a quarter of the electorate.

Why: Still, 27 percent is awful for a mayor when most residents say the city’s doing well. Gray campaign Chuck Thies blames that discrepancy on a “smear campaign.”

Power Rankings Momentum: Rising and teaching hand-dancing.

3. Jack Evans

What: Halfway through his mail barrage and still at 13 percent, Evans improbably tells LL that “it’s still a race that we can win.” Evans supporters plan a get-out-the-vote rally tomorrow at their 14th Street NW headquarters.

Why: There are only a few days left for some kind of cataclysm to occur and hand the anti-Bowser vote to Evans.

Power Rankings Momentum: Rising.

4. Tommy Wells

What: Wells’ support should be booming post-Thompson plea. Instead, he dropped to 9 percent this week, marking the first time in a public poll that he’s fallen significantly behind Evans. The poll also revealed Wells struggling to be voters’ second-choice candidate.

Wells also claims he took third place in an unnamed recent labor poll, but declined to provide details. The only thing Wells likes less than the WCP/Kojo poll could be the Shallal campaign, which Wells says is keeping him away from polling at around 15 percent. “But for Andy, I would probably be in a different place,” Wells says.

Why: Polling aside, Wells says things are looking up after Thompson’s trip to court, with an increase in contributions and volunteers. Wells hopes that independent expenditures after endorsements from the firefighters’ and police unions will help his chances.

Power Rankings Momentum: Falling.

5. Andy Shallal

What: While other also-rans’ supporters ditch them for more viable candidates, Shallal’s support is still hovering around 7 percent.

Why: Progressive Shallal landed the endorsement of Rev. Willie Wilson, the Ward 8 reverend known for his anti-gay and pro-decapitation views.

Power Rankings Momentum: Rising, with the help of this old school hip-hop robot.

6. Reta Jo Lewis

What: Lewis expounded on the dangers of marijuana smell at the LL Debate Sunday night, and she earned 1 percent in the poll.

Why: Lewis has nothing left to lose. She’s a loose cannon. She could turn this race upside with some Warren Beatty-in-Bulworth truth-telling. But she won’t, so instead the District will be left wondering what the deal was with her campaign on April 2. 

Power Rankings Momentum: Rising.

7. Vincent Orange

What: With 2 percent of the vote in the new poll, Orange looks to be cruising to a less impressive finish than his 2.9 percent of the vote in 2006’s mayoral primary. Next up for Orange: a Monday reception with an hour of complementary drinks at Georgetown’s Paper Moon restaurant.

Why: Orange still looks set to finish ahead of Lewis and Carlos Allen on April 1. But his campaigning and less-than-impressive fundraising hasn’t exactly burnished his reputation as a politician with city-wide appeal—-or scared off any future challengers to his at-large seat.

Power Rankings Momentum: Falling.

Honorable MentionsMarion Barry, for refusing to let a single press conference go without some off-message moments. Allen, who displayed an uncanny ability to stick to time limits at Sunday’s debate. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson, who’s being targeted with a new website from the Fraternal Order of Police, but needn’t worry since he’s only facing hapless eternal candidate Calvin Gurley.

Photos by Darrow Montgomery