U.S. Attorney Ron Machen
U.S. Attorney Ron Machen

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Colby KingRon Machen treated Vince Gray unfairly. [Post]

Muriel Bowser tries to pull together the Gray opposition. [Post]

Bickering paramedics cause woman to leave ambulance. [NBC 4]

Some ex-prisoners back Gray. [Post]

More early voting centers open. [Post, WAMU]

The second-to-last round of Mayoral Power Rankings. [LL]

Chuck Thies, smack-talking mayoral campaign manager. [Post]

Imagining a District government with Gray on trial. [Post]

House of Cards likely isn’t likely to leave Maryland, Vincent Orange‘s intervention aside. [Washingtonian]

Shadow senator Paul Strauss profiled in the New York Times[Times]

Post ed board: Phil Mendelson leads “foolishness” against Height Act changes. [Post]

More money trails in Gray scandal. [Post]

“With a cast that includes a Mr Gray, a Mr Orange and, if you include the city council, a Mr White, the District of Columbia’s elections already resembled a Quentin Tarantino film.” [Economist]

LL’s Ward 6 debate is tomorrow at the Rock & Roll Hotel. Event starts at 8 p.m. [R&RH]

Vigil held for missing girl. [DCist]

Five myths about Gray [Post]

Gray honoring centenarians at lunch. [Times]

Jim Graham wants retail help for U and 14th NW. [WBJ]

Where’s the Coast Guard revival at St. Elizabeths? [Housing Complex]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery