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Muriel Bowser‘s campaign has been saying for months that the mayoral race is down to two candidates. With eight days to go before the primary, Vince Gray‘s campaign seems to think the same, launching an attack site devoted to calling Bowser inexperienced.

“Muriel Not Ready,” which was registered on Friday, includes a particularly unflattering photo of Bowser and a video from the NewsChannel 8 debate (above). There’s also a link to a lengthy Bowser takedown by local gadfly Dorothy Brizill, in which Brizill slams Bowser for everything from her ethics bill to her staffers’ office assignments.

“When asked about her career experience, Muriel Bowser said she managed ‘3 or 4’ people,” the site reads. “Now she wants to manage the District’s 33,000 employees and $10 billion city budget?”

At the bottom, the website links to some more flattering numbers about Gray. Judging from LL’s Googling, the campaign is backing it with a search ad buy for terms that include “Muriel Bowser.”

Neither Gray campaign manager Chuck Thies and Bowser campaign manager Bo Shuff were available for immediate comment.