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Adrian Fenty loyalist Ron Moten was the mastermind behind 2010’s surprisingly catchy Green Team anthem “Don’t Leave Us Fenty,” and now he’s back with an homage aimed right at the scandal surrounding Vince Gray, featuring Backyard Band singer Weensey just like the last campaign’s song did.

The video for the tune opens with a Gray lookalike reenacting the alleged 2010 conversation in Jeanne Clarke Harris‘ apartment where Gray asks Thompson (LL fact-check: in the video, Doppel-Gray asks for the whole $668,800, but prosecutors say Gray allegedly presented Thompson with only a budget for $425,000).

The scene also features “Thompson” telling Gray—-“Slim Grady” in the video—-to call him “Uncle Earl.”

“Uncle Earl got on this big Burberry fedora hat,” Moten tells LL.

Moten, who’s supporting Muriel Bowser in the mayor’s race even though he’s nominally a “Civil Rights Republican” these days, is currently locked in a legal battle with the Gray administration over accusations that his Peaceoholics anti-violence group filed inaccurate tax returns and misued grant money.