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Shadow senator Paul Strauss has been rounding up Hollywood celebs of varying levels of fame to shoot pro-District statehood ads, and now he’s got another. After winning over Mario Van Peebles and Sex and the City husband Evan Handler, Strauss sends LL his newest spot featuring actress Alexis Carra.

Carra stars in freshman Wednesday night ABC hookup comedy Mixology, which hasn’t exactly been getting rave reviews (says New York Magazine: “It doesn’t quite endorse rape, but it certainly has no problem with rape.”). In the commercial, which is set to air with the other two spots on cable networks tomorrow, Strauss breaks the news to Carra that the District doesn’t have congressional representation.

“So wait, let me get this straight,” Carra says. “Congress can pass laws that effect them, but their representatives can’t actually vote on those laws?”

“Nope,” Strauss says.

“That does not seem very funny,” Carra says.

Strauss says he wants 48 more ads.

“We’re serious about getting 51,” Strauss says. “It is going to be 51 stars”