Recovering from his recent hospitalization isn’t stopping four-term mayor Marion Barry from trying to win a second term for Vince Gray. The mayor-for-life turned Ward 8 D.C. councilmember is spending the afternoon hitting polling places.

While he’s seeing a lot of his ward, the trouble is that Barry hasn’t run into many voters today. When Barry arrived at the Union Temple Baptist polling site, he found only campaign workers—although one Muriel Bowser supporter was so excited to take a picture with him that he may have won Gray a vote anyway.

While turnout has been down so far across the city, Barry thinks that means good things for Gray. It means fewer votes from the “white people who don’t like him,” according to Barry. And he predicts a post-work surge from Barry’s African-American base.

“We vote late, “Barry says. “Black people vote in the afternoon.”

Photo by Will Sommer