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LL heard a couple of cracks on Tuesday about how much Ward 2 D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans‘ mayoral campaign had spent on what would turn out to be a fourth-place finish. But the wags might want to add another target to their jokes, because Evans somehow didn’t even spend the most more per vote.

Here’s how much each mayoral campaign’s expenses broke down into individual votes. Note: LL’s pulling these expense figures from the March 24 campaign finance reports, which won’t have included last-minute spending in the last week before the primary.

  • Muriel Bowser: 35,899 votes, $1,151,816.62 spent. $32.08 per vote.
  • Vince Gray: 26,209 votes, $899,313.69 spent. $34.31 per vote.
  • Tommy Wells: 10,181 votes, $534,397.63 spent. $52.49 per vote.
  • Andy Shallal: 2,657 votes, $159,479.11 spent. $60.02 per vote.
  • Vincent Orange: 1,537 votes, $118,700.52 spent. $77.23 per vote.
  • Jack Evans: 4,039 votes, $1,430,430.44 spent. $354.15 per vote.
  • Reta Lewis: 346 votes, $290,895.69. $840.74 per vote.

(Carlos Allen, who got 88 votes, didn’t file a campaign finance report on March 24.)

None of the mayoral candidates had as much personally at stake as wealthy shadow senate candidate Pete Ross, who had personally contributed $172,084 of his own money to his bid against incumbent shadow senator Paul Strauss and lost anyway. At least it only cost him $6.81 per vote.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery