Michael Brown

Feds want 43 months in prison for Michael Brown. [LLPost]

Muriel Bowser declines offer to face David Catania on WAMU. [LL]

The search for Relisha Rudd continues on online radio station. [Post]

DMV clarifies dire driver’s license reports. [WAMU]

D.C. officials are “raping” District residents, Deborah Simmons writes in a column that’s improbably just about HOT lanes. [Times]

Department of Health ditches the 24-hour tattoo waiting period. [WAMUPost]

Charter school head gets prison for embezzlement. [Post]

Police watched social media ahead of National Zoo shooting. [Post]

The benefits of moving families out of high-income neighborhoods. [Housing Complex]

Catholic University students tied up and robbed. [Post]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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