Kelvin Robinson, 2003
Kelvin Robinson, 2003

 Jeff Thompson-related charges won’t stop Kelvin Robinson from keeping his city job for now. [Post]

Vince Gray says politics wasn’t behind Supercan replacements. [WAMU, LLPost]

Vincent Orange heads to Vegas, makes friends with a near-naked American flag person, Uncle Sam, and a pirate. [LL]

Debate ensues after LGBT Gertrude Stein club doesn’t schedule a mayoral endorsement vote. [Blade]

As D.C. United land stalemate continues, city considers eminent domain. [WAMU]

Ex-mayoral longshot Ernest Johnson eyes the Ward 1 seat. [LL]

Grassroots lobbyists hit the Hill for statehood. [Post]

Ethel Kennedy gets a D.C. bridge named after her, isn’t that thrilled about it. [Post]

WJLA picks up the empty UDC president’s house. [WJLA]

Give Board of Elections the boot, says Blade columnist. [Blade]

Pop-ups on rowhouses: hate them, or love them? [WTOP]

Girl shot on a playground has a question for her shooter. [Post]

How one homeless family is doing after the District’s harsh winter. [Housing Complex]

Adios to paper Metro cards. [TimesWAMU]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery