D.C. Council at-large hopeful Khalid Pitts may not have the most impressive voting record in the District, but the Logan Circle wine bar owner is leading the sizable field of candidates seeking to replace Councilmember David Catania in fundraising for the latest, three-month long reporting period.

Khalid Pitts 

Raised: $81,671. Spent: $0. Cash on hand: $81,671.

Pitts took in contributions from Ben’s Chili Bowl’s Kamal Ali and former Human Rights Campaign president Joe Solmonese ($1,000). Pitts also made a $15,000 loan to his campaign.

Brian Hart

Raised: $36,189.33. Spent: $39,214.64. Cash on hand: $15,962.58.

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Hart loaned his campaign $10,000, and took in contributions from, among others, Adams Morgan restaurant Tryst ($250) and developer Chris Donatelli ($500).

Elissa Silverman

Raised: $26,403. Spent: $5,869.77. Cash on hand: $20,533.23.

Silverman’s self-imposed prohibition on taking corporate contributions hamstrings her fundraising, but she tried to make up for it with  contributions from ex-Councilmember Kathy Patterson ($1,000), economist and former financial control board chair Alice Rivlin ($1,000), failed at-large candidate Peter Shapiro ($100), and lobbyist Thorn Pozen ($500).

Ed Lazere, Silverman’s former boss at the lefty D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute, kicked in $500.

Graylan Hagler 

Raised: $25,766. Spent: $89. Cash on hand: $25,677.

The left-leaning, Walmart-hating preacher kicked in $1,600 to his own campaign, along with another $1,000 from his business. Ideologically simpatico Busboys & Poets owner Andy Shallal contributed $250.

Robert White 

Raised: $13,415.85. Spent: $6,462.41. Cash on hand: $39,891.44.

White started his campaign last September, essentially staking the next 14 months of his life on the idea that Catania would run for mayor. That bet’s paying off, with White working with healthy cash reserves despite less than thrilling fundraising this period.

White gave $700 to his campaign in this period, bringing the total of his own money that he’s contributed to $5,086.85.

Marc Morgan 

Raised: $10,675. Spent: $837.59. Cash on hand: $11,227.41.

The Republican at-large hopeful took in contributions from two of the District’s most prominent local Republicans, getting $1,000 from Harry Thomas Jr. undoer Tim Day and $2,000 from himself.

Kishan Putta

Raised: $10,076. Spent: $2,127.56. Cash on hand: $7,948.44.

Eric Jones

Raised: $7,343.10. Spent: $1,446.08. Cash on hand: $5,897.02.

Jones gave $1,500 to his campaign, taking in $250 from lobbyist David Julyan and $200 from ex-D.C. Chamber of Commerce head honcho Barbara Lang.

Anita Bonds

Raised: $22,335. Spent: $52,395.84. Cash on hand: $31,411.04.

Because she won the Democratic nomination in April, Bonds is all but guaranteed to come out with a seat when voters cast their two ballots for at-large seats in the fall. But that doesn’t mean she can’t get a fat war chest anyway. Bonds donors’ list is full of names like lobbyist Rod Woodson ($450), shadow Sen. Paul Strauss ($1,000), and D.C. Taxicab Commission boss Ron Linton ($51).

Bonds’ campaign expenses—-which include the period before the primary—-include $44,497.82 for mailers and $393.96 to luxe sedan service Uber for “campaign movement.”

Photo courtesy Khalid Pitts